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Review Policy

✧ Please read the following in its entirety prior to contacting me for a review request. ✧


I reserve the right to deny any request based on personal undisclosed reasons.
Please respect my choice and privacy if I do not wish to read your book.


Request Policy:

I am currently accepting review requests for Advanced Reader’s Copies/Editions or books published within the last 6 months.

If your book has been published for more than 6 months, I may not accept your review request at this time.


Reading Preferences:

I primarily read Young Adult, Adult, and Middle Grade, with a few exceptions based on author or specific interest in a particular book. I am especially enthusiastic about diverse and LGBTQIA+ reads.

I enjoy Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mythic Fiction, and Contemporary (Romance & Realistic Fiction) the most. I also occationally enjoy Horror, Supernatural/Paranormal, Historical Fiction, and Mystery/Thriller.


Format Preferences:

I will accept an e-book (preferably kindle-compatible), an audiobook, or a physical copy of your book. I mainly read kindle and audiobooks due to physical limitations.

Please note that in order to publish a review with a photograph, a high-quality digital photo of the book cover will need to be provided with the kindle-compatible copy of your book if it is not available online. (This will also impact my ability to share on social media.)


Review Policy:

I write honest reviews about the books I read, irregardless of how I obtained them (purchased, borrowed, gifted, etc). My book reviews include my opinions directly related to the overall story/plot, world-building, writing style/pacing, characters, and my experience while reading a particular book. Even though I do not automatically give all books four- to five-star reviews, I never personally attack an author if I did not enjoy their book.

By requesting a review from me, you are accepting the possibility of a negative review and hereby waive all rights to request that I remove or alter any negative review(s) from my blog and any affiliated social media accounts.

If you are uncomfortable with the possibility of receiving a negative review about your book, please do not send me a review request.

Rarely, if I decide not to finish a book after accepting a review request, I will contact you but not rate the book. I do however, have “DNF” and “On Hold” Goodreads shelves with short comments as to why I put a book down after attempting to read it.


Review Publication:

My reviews are posted to my blog and Goodreads, and shared on my other social media accounts (Twitter & Instagram). I have 1,573 followers across my social media accounts (Goodreads 829, Twitter 409, Instagram 147, and Blog 188 w/ 200 weekly views). As a general guideline, I aim to have read and published a review within six weeks of receiving a book from an author or publisher, or delayed to within one week of the publication date.

Please note this time frame begins after accepting to your review request. If your book is part of a series, I will need additional time if I have not read the previous books.


Review Request Submission:

Thank you for your consideration. If you have fully read and agree to the above review policy, please use the contact form to submit your request. I will get back to you within two weeks if I am interested in reading and reviewing your book.

If you do not hear back from me, please respect that I have chosen not to accept your review request.


All statistical charts are from the 105 books I read in the 2018 calendar year.