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January Jam Jar / Late-a-thon TBR

January Jam Jar’ is part of ‘Devour Your TBR

A monthly themed reading challenge to reduce that mountainous pile of unread gems, without all of the stress.

Hosted by Kathy @ Books and Munches


In a brilliantly paired duo, the ‘Late-a-thon’ can fit perfectly into ‘January Jam Jar’!

Hosted by Destiny @ Howling Libraries


If you’d like to learn more about either, click on the images or tags. I can’t believe I’m getting behind and it’s less than a week into the new year, but good news: I finally put together my #JanJamJar!! I wrote down about a half a dozen books, folded them into tiny paper aeroplanes (Sumi is my alterego), and looked for a jar to put them in. However, I could only find a mug… that totally counts, right?!

Clearly I don’t make my own jams, eat enough jams, or do any canning whatsoever to have mason jars on hand. *lol* The paper aeroplanes contained titles for the Late-a-thon, which is a month long read-a-long to tackle backlogged ARCs. I’m not sure how many I will read, but it’s definitely motivation to pick them up before I miss the publication dates!


(In Order of Removal)

A Slice of Magic By A. G. Mayes

Plus+ By Rutter Bethany

Everyday Yoga Meditation By Stephen Sturgess

Manga Classics: Romeo & Juliet

Manga Classics: Macbeth

Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo

Small Town Hearts By Lillie Vale

You’d Be Mine By Erin Hahn


Interested in joining?! (It’s n0t too late!)

Check out the tags above and join the Goodreads ‘Devour Your TBR’ group. 🙂


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