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Book Review

Mini Reviews: Nonfiction February

Heist: The Oddball Crew Behind the $17 Million Loomis Fargo Theft
By Jeff Diamant

A quick entertaining read filled with eye-popping gasps, headshakes, chuckles, and “OMG LOL” moments. However, this was all due to the facts and not the writing, which was journalistic vs. the legal thriller writings of Grisham or Connelly. The first half of the book is the crime and spending, where the second half is the arrests and aftermath. I recommend for anyone interested in a superficial installment of “Dumb Crook History” but not those looking for an intense behind-the-scenes crime and punshment novel based on a true story.

The Ascent of Gravity
By Marcus Chown

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a brief history of our understanding of gravity from Newton to Today. I appreciate that it was not completely “dumbed down” instead approachable and encouraged continued reading for anyone (like myself) who has not studied physics or advanced mathematics. I wasn’t expecting an answer in the end since, well, what is gravity really? It did well to pique my curiosity and keep questions rattling through my brain with plenty of “Aha!” moments. It would be interesting to re-read in 10-50 years.

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