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Book Review

Mini Reviews: Roald Dahl Favorites

Fantastic Mr Fox
By Roald Dahl

My first introduction to Mr. Fox occurred while heading up to 15,000ft sitting on the floor of a puddle-jumper, wondering when in hell I decided jumping out of an airplane might be the bravest or stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I was psyching myself out that in mere moments the door would open and I would die.

…OR as the plan was, I would freefall for 60 seconds prior to my parachute successfully opening, float over Lake Taupo, and safely land back on solid ground with everything intact—including my sanity.

While still in that situation (mentally and physically), I was strapped to a crazy-blue-eyed-curly-haired-good-smelling-completely-attractive Kiwi who was on his “29th or so” jump of the day and the SOB had the audacity to read Fantastic Mr. Fox on my shoulder. I hadn’t decided if this was infuriatingly insulting or heartwarmingly calming when… The door opened

…and eight years later I finally read the little book that’s seared into memory, and it was, well, fantastic of course!

True story? I’ll let you decide… but Mr. Fox’s story seems plausible enough 😉

By Roald Dahl

What a brilliant book!! I remember watching the film about 20 years ago, but I had never read the book afterwards… I have habit of doing that, unfortunately. I decided to listen to the audiobook while reading and it was much more enjoyable than I could have anticipated because Kate Winslet is a positively fantastic narrator! It is a quick, feel-good children’s story with plenty of laughs to boot. I highly recommend if you’re in need a reason to smile!

Audiobook Performance: ★★★★★

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