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Short-a-thon Wrap Up

Co-hosted by Destiny @ Howling Libraries and Kathy @ Books and Munchies
Twitter: @Shortathon & #shortathon18


It’s difficult to admit that I was in a {slump} in December. I hadn’t finished a book since the last week of November, so I thought that the Short-a-thon was just the key! Simply pick out the shortest books on my shelf and read up!! Super easy-peasy. I had been looking forward to the readathon for a while, I was so pumped! Sooo… I’m completely shocked that I didn’t make it through my TBR that I had so much fun creating.


What I Read:
Harry Potter Shorts

Quidditch Through the Ages

Tales of Beedle the Bard

Harry Potter: The Prequel


I read something! More than one thing! Maybe it’s not a complete fail then? Either way, I’m disappointed in myself. I am not a quitter, however, and I have decided that I’m going to finish the remaining 7 short books this year! I’ll keep you posted when I complete them. Crossing my fingers that another 360 days is enough time to finish… *lol*



Have you ever completely failed a read-a-thon? Did you participate in the Short-a-thon? Are you planning to join in Dec 2019?! I’m going to try again!!


  • Pen & Parchment

    I’ve failed so many readathons before it’s ridiculous, I’ve found that if I set a TBR for myself or try to make myself read on a strict schedule, it backfires and I end up reading nothing at all. So even though you may not have read everything you hoped to, the list of books you did get to seems like a success to me! And if you had fun doing it, that’s all that really matters right? 🙂

    • Ashley

      Thank you! It’s really reassuring to hear since I’ve only done a couple readathons. I’m also not used to TBRs and it’s something new I’m trying so maybe I need to reassess if it continues to not work out?

      I really enjoyed the HP companion books!! I can’t believe I had never picked up Quidditch before, so that one was the most fun! 😃

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