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Talk Nerdy to Me 2018 (a.k.a. My Year in Review)

Happy 2019 to everyone!!


There’s always something a bit magical about a new year. Before I get to my reading goals this year, I wanted to take a look back at… yesterday! I always read right up to the last minute so I didn’t want to rush this post before 2018 went kaput. First, I have to shout out to Melanie @ Mel to the Any, as she inspired me with her post for 2017 to even start a blog!

I like to bring out my nerd a bit more often than is socially acceptable. So much so that my main motivation for creating a blog beyond simply going badshitcrazy over books, was for this post in particular. I love statistics! Yep, you read that right. I was even a teaching assistant for biz stats and got to sit the class over for fun. My chemistry professor easily recognized my quirk and suggested I should look into Analytical Chemistry. Who knew that was a thing?! Anyhow, back to the reason we’re all here! Below is a breakdown of the books I read for my Goodreads challenge this year. (Note: I did not include children’s picture books as part of my challenge.)


Original Goal: 12
Final Goal: 50

Read: 26,331 pages across 105 books!!



My original Goodreads goal was based on the fact that I read 18 books in 2015 and 12 books each in 2016 and 2017. I am very proud of the fact that I was able to read anything at all. You may not know, but I’m an autoimmune warrior who heavily relies on ebooks and audiobooks to enjoy the same stories as the able-bodied reader. In 2018, I really made an effort to make reading a priority in my life and it is reflected in my most impressive reading accomplishment ever in one year. (Thanks Popsugar for the initial motivation!) One hundred and five. WOW. I really cannot believe it.


Now to the part you all came here for: The Pie Charts!
(Cue ♫ Hungry Eyes ♫ by Eric Carmen)



I was a bit surprised to find out that I read more Adult than I thought! I’ve typically said “I’m a YA and MG reader” but I am clearly branching out. Hats off to adulting.



I’m quite impressed with the range of genres covered. However, I was completely shocked that I read so much Sci-fi!?! I guess once I started, I couldn’t stop lol. I’m looking at you Saga and Illuminae Files!! I also experimentally pushed myself out of my reading comfort zone in August. I’ve always avoided Contemporary books for no real reason. Now I’m craving them more and more so I’m really happy with the results.



I’m happy that over half of the books I read had some element of diversity as they were some of my favorite reads of the year. I’d really like to make more of an effort going forward because I can always do better!



As mentioned, I cannot read physical books most of the time, so I’m quite impressed that about 20% were not digital.



I’m a massive library patron, so this comes with absolutely no surprise! I love that my library uses Overdrive / Libby. The majority of the physical books I did read came from the library too! The only thing that didn’t enjoy this, is my Kindle TBR…



I’m a bit of a strict rater/reviewer compared to Goodreads in general. In 2018, my average rating was 3.8 while Goodreads was 4.1 for the same books. This isn’t to say I enjoy books less, I just don’t give everything 5 stars. Three stars is a good, solid book and I recommend anything 3.5 stars and above.


You can now check out any of my past Goodreads Challenges & Years in Review on my blog! They all have those handy diagrams from GR if you’re curious which books I read. 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post! (Even if it was just a fraction of how much I enjoyed making those charts, hehe.) Now for a clean slate and new bookish adventures in 2019!


Did you make a Goodreads goal in 2018? Did you read what you thought you would?


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