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Welcome to Tag Thursday! I’m really excited to share my answers with you from the Television Tag, created by Kayley Hyde on YouTube! Growing up, my sister and I loved doing everything together. (Can you tell I’m the younger sister? 😂) One thing we both always looked forward to was waking up early on Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal to watch cartoons. And of course, this tradition sparked my love for TV shows!!


Thank you, Demetra @ Demi Reads for tagging me!! 💕



1. What is your favorite television show?


This question is just as impossible as What is your favorite book? *Wow, those crickets are deafening!* Instead of picking one favorite, I’m going to list off shows I love and would watch again (and again and again)! Before we get to it: This is my shortlist! 🙊


TV Loves A-Z

The Big Bang Theory

The Fosters

Game of Thrones

Gilmore Girls

Gossip Girl


H2O Just Add Water

Hart of Dixie


Orphan Black

Shameless (US)



Silicon Valley

Sneaky Pete

Stranger Things


That 70’s Show


White Collar


Honorable Mentions (Blasts from my Past!)

Boy Meets World

Clarissa Explains It All

Dawson’s Creek

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Full House

The Magic School Bus

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Saved by the Bell

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Sister, Sister

Smart Guy




2. What is your favorite genre of television show? 


I’ve never really thought about this, but from my list above, I’d say it totally depends on my mood (just like reading)! There are very few traditional sitcoms that I’m drawn to, but too much drama and I can’t stop yawning. Therefore, I tend to watch shows that I can get invested in, but still have some comic relief. Here’s some categories that my favorites fall into:


Shows that I can geek out to or that bring out my inner nerd ➸ The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Sherlock, Silicon Valley, Stranger Things


Shows that have fantastic and complex ships (platonic, familial, romantic) ➸ The Big Bang Theory, The Fosters, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, GRΣΣK, H20 Just Add Water, Hart of Dixie, Orphan Black, Shameless, Sherlock, Shooter, Silicon Valley, Stranger Things, Suits, That 70’s Show, Weeds, White Collar


Cat-and-mouse themed shows, especially with morally gray heroes and villains ➸ Justified, Orphan Black, Shameless, Sherlock, Shooter, Sneaky Pete, Suits, Weeds, White Collar




3. What is your least favorite show? 


Brownie points for effort? I think I’ve watched almost every single episode of the following shows, however I had major issues with each that I couldn’t get past.


7th Heaven


The Secret Life of the American Teenager




4. What is your most rewatched show or favorite show to binge?


Gilmore Girls


Silicon Valley

That 70’s Show





5. Do you prefer watching week-by-week on TV or binge watching after a season is completed (Netflix style)?


Definitely both! I’ve only binged a handful of shows (in the truest sense of the word). Otherwise, I like to take my time, even when I have access to all episodes or seasons. Now, all the way down to one episode a week? Hahaha… I leave that to current broadcast TV because I don’t have the restraint to wait more than a day or two if an episode is available!!




6. Who are your favorite television characters?


Jon Snow ➸ Game of Thrones

Lorelai ➸ Gilmore Girls

Blair ➸ Gossip Girl

Lemon ➸ Hart of Dixie

Boyd ➸ Justified

Cosima ➸ Orphan Black

Lip ➸ Shameless (US)

Sherlock ➸ Sherlock

Gilfoyle ➸ Silicon Valley

Marius ➸ Sneaky Pete

Dustin ➸ Stranger Things

Mozzie ➸ White Collar




7. Who are your favorite television ships?


Sheldon & Amy ➸ The Big Bang Theory

Lorelai & Luke ➸ Gilmore Girls

Chuck & Blair ➸ Gossip Girl

Casey & Cappie ➸ GRΣΣK

Rikki & Zane ➸ H2O Just Add Water

Wade & Zoe ➸ Hart of Dixie

Bob Lee & Julie ➸ Shooter

Elizabeth & Peter ➸ White Collar

Cory & Topanga ➸ Boy Meets World

Joey & Pacey ➸ Dawson’s Creek

Monica & Chandler ➸ Friends

Zack & Kelly ➸ Saved by the Bell




8. A show that you know everyone loves but you could never really get into?


This Is Us




9. What is a show that you fell out of love with?



Grey’s Anatomy

The Magicians

Mr. Robot

One Tree Hill

The Originals

Switched at Birth

True Blood

The Vampire Diaries




10. What show was canceled too soon?






11. What is your guilty pleasure show?


Of all time?!?! *Whispers*

The O.C.

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County




12. What shows are you currently watching?


The Voice

World of Dance





Tag you’re it!! (Yes, seriously go do it!) Feel free to post your link below with your most recent tag post!


  • Denise @ Life With No Plot

    I hardly ever get into a tv show, but when I do, I go all out. I will say, Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorites. The characters, the writing, it was all so brilliant. It’s one of my go-to shows if I want to watch something.

    • Ashley

      Yesss!! I will never rewatch the Netflix remake, but the original series is one of the best out there! I managed to get my mom to watch every episode one year and she was SO SAD when it was over! 💕

    • Ashley

      Haha every time I watch I’m pining over those two to just get together already!!! 😆 But of course that’s part of the fun! 💞💞💞

      • Lilyfae

        Yes they’ve swapped Phoebe for a new girl Jyoti and Kate McKinnon is the new Ms Frizzle as Lily Tomlins character is now a Professor who we meet at the end of each episode. Some people don’t like the reboot but my girls are thrilled!

  • softheartandwarmeyes

    I love this TAG! I’ll definitely make a note of it and maybe try my hand with it, too! I really loved Hart of Dixie and Greek when I watched them both and I totally had a phase where I watched That 70s show almost every day for, like, a month?? So there’s that haha. Also, that mention of The Secret Life of the American Teenager lol. Totally agree. I watched entirely too many episodes considering it’s not good at all lol but you just couldn’t look away?? BIG fan of Wade & Zoe, Casey & Cappie and Joey & Pacey. I adored them to pieces and I still do. Great list!

    • Ashley

      Do it, do it, do it! 😂 It’s a lot of fun—I didn’t realize my list would be so long until I sat down and wrote it out! I ended up watching That 70’s Show reruns every day for two weeks in the beginning of January when I had no internet as it was the only interesting thing to keep me consistently entertained!! I have to say I forgot how they should have just skipped the last season when they lost their mojo lol. Ohhh I couldn’t stop watching The Secret Life either! (You know, just the entire series!!!) 🙈 I haven’t met anyone else who has watched Hart of Dixie or Greek so your comments make me so happy! 💗💞

      • softheartandwarmeyes

        THEY SHOULD HAVE DEFINITELY SKIPPED THE LAST SEASON. Sorry for shouting! lol. I have very strong feelings about that. I so get you on the The Secret Life bit omg. It was literally the worst but also kinda my guilty pleasure?? Stressing the guilty in that sentence lol. I loved Hart of Dixie; especially Wade & Zoe and Lemon! (Even though I still don’t like how they handled season 3 lol.) Greek was totally my jam and Cappie/Casey are so well done and healthy and so different but balance each other out in such a positive way? It’s just one of the Good Ships to ship. <3

        • Ashley

          Shout it from the rooftop!! 😂 Cappie & Casey are the reason I rewatch Greek more than I should admit! Most shows lose their original charm after a couple seasons and Hart was one of them, although the longer I watched the more I loved Lemon haha! 💕

          • softheartandwarmeyes

            True story lol. Definitely agree on the lose then original charm bit! It happens quite often but as long as there are bits and aspects – and relationships 😉 – that I enjoy then I’ll probably come back at some time to rewatch parts of it. Also yes on liking Lemon more and more as the seaons went on. Didn’t like her at the start, loved her at the end. <3

          • Ashley

            I think my favorite characters are the ones I can’t stand at the beginning and then love by the end of the series?! The character development is really awesome to be part of. Then it’s really funny to restart and wonder what the heck was I thinking?! 😂

  • Emma

    Love The Big Bang Theory. Shamy!!!!!! Haha. I still need to watch the latest series as well. Have you watched Young Sheldon? Great post.

    • Ashley

      Thanks!! I have only seen a few episodes of Young Sheldon. It was cute, but I love the banter between the whole crew on The Big Bang Theory!! I’m more familiar with the older seasons as my antenna doesn’t always like to have all the channels *lol

  • thebookishskies

    Fellow Gossip Girl fan, yay! Gossip Girl is probably my most re-watched show of all times. I’ve watched the first two seasons countless times and I’m currently in the middle of season 2 – again. I just love the atmosphere from the beginning of the show, as you’re following their high school dramas. Chuck & Blair are definitely my favorite ship as well, but the good thing about Gossip Girl is that there are countless couples and my multi-shipping heart is always so happy!
    Apart from this one, I don’t have a lot of other favorites. I did like Teen Wolf, Once Upon A Time, Arrow and The 100 back in the day, but I’ve stopped watching all of them at one point. Mostly, because the shows just dragged for way too long. I stopped watching Arrow before I felt like it, though, and I think it was a smart choice, because it preserved my feelings towards the show. For series like Teen Wolf and OUAT, I ended up growing more bitter as it went on, because even my favorite characters started to annoy me. But when it comes to Arrow, I stopped right after season 3, and I still have fond memories of the show when I think about it.
    I’ve never watched Shameless US, but I do loooooove Ian/Mickey. It’s kinda crazy that even though I’m super invested in their dynamic as a couple, I was never interested in watching the whole show and meeting the other characters, hahah.
    Great tag, Ashley! 😊

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